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The trendy boots this winter have Mango and stand out for combining even with skirts

The trendy boots this winter have Mango and stand out for combining even with skirts

The trendy boots this winter are held by Mango and stand out for combining even with skirts skip to contentEconomía DigitalGaliciac. ValenciaIdeasfinanzas.comInversionSocial Invested LibrosDiario GolEDestado

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  • The boots are the new fashion; and they combine with all kinds of outfits.

    Por John Fernández

    The boots are being the trend of this winter season 21-22, of which there is no doubt. There are many influences that have been seen with them, such as Paula Echevarría or María Pombo, among many others.

    And the boots no longer only stick with winter clothes, but also in shorts and even dresses, in the middle of the winter season. The loot is a comfortable and perfect garment for everyday life, and gives a strong personality look whatever outfit you combine it with (and especially if it's a skirt / boots combination).

    Mango boots that combine with everything

    They stand out in short sleeved garments, and are valid for both day and night. Among all the wide options that the market gives for the boots, Mango has the perfect pair of boots to combine with everything you can think of and give a strong and different style to your look.

    Los botines de moda este invierno los tiene Mango y destacan por combinar hasta con faldas

    They are half-high boots with sole track, that is, with polyurethane rubber heels that will enhance you. They give that feeling of resembling Dr. Martens's boots, but much cheaper and with an even more basic style.

    On the sides they have elastic material with black grasses that give a feeling of breaking with the black uniformity of the booty, and that rubber platform will give you an extra few centimeters.

    These boots mark a trend of 50 euros

    The rest of the loot is made of goatskin and polyester (only 2%), so you can use them practically throughout the winter without fear of getting wet, or stained, because they are easily washed and are a very clean boot.

    Mango pone a la venta botines que marcan tendencia

    They'll match perfectly with a military pants, or a dress of any color... Because everyone knows black hits with all kinds of clothes.

    In addition, its price is on sale, falling to 49.99 euros, when its original price is 69.99 euros in Mango's physical and online stores.

    John Fernández

    Journalist and Master in Professional Multimedia Journalism from the Complutense University. Lover of letters, politics and current affairs. In Digital Economy since 2022 to continue to do this fundamental job, which is to report properly.

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