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That your blouse looks spectacular: know what ideal according to your body type

That your blouse looks spectacular: know what ideal according to your body type

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When choosing your outfit of the day, you should not only inspire yourself in the trends of the moment, but in that they are garments that benefit you.There is no worse fashion error than not wearing favoring clothes!

This can be avoided with simple steps: before going shopping, look at what type of body you have and what are the skirts, pants and accessories that best stylize your figure.

Do you want a little help in this area?Next we will tell you what are the shirts, blouses and sweaters that you must choose according to the top of your body.

Take note and check if you already have any of these garments in your closet!

#1 to accentuate the waist

If your body is straight and seems to have no waist, there are some tops that will make you look fabulous.Look for those that are off Shoulders, with a square shape, with bombing sleeves (they are very fashionable), with shoulder pads (oversize sacks are perfect) or a ship neck (which reaches your shoulders).

Que tu blusa se vea espectacular: conoce cuál es la ideal según tu tipo de cuerpo

In this way, the top will look wider than your waist, creating an effect that will mark it.

#2 If you have big shoulders or wide back

In your case, most likely this is the part of your body that stands out and seeks to give symmetry with your hips or legs.

The best blouses, shirts and sweaters for you are asymmetric (with only one shoulder), with cut outs (the dresses of this style are in trend), of thin braces and with v neck in V.

#3 If you are wide hips

If, on the contrary, the lower part of your body is what highlights, you must look for tops with a dramatic effect around the shoulders that creates proportion between both areas.

To do this, we recommend those with pump sleeves, shoulder pads (there are tricks to not see you bigger), off shoulders or with a boat neck.

#4 for big breast girls

Even if you do not believe it, there are some fashion tips so that this area is not the center of attention who looks at you.Your best options are V neck tops, with thick straps, cut outs and asymmetric.

#5 for small breast girls

Actually, women with this type of body have many options when it comes to fashion and almost all styles benefit them.

But if you want to stylize your body even more, you must look at the type of neck of your garments: the best for you are the squares, in the form of a heart and in u;the halter (who hold the neck) also benefit you.

Did you know what is the best blouse for your body type?What kind of tops will you add to your closet from now on?

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