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Textiles with bird motifs ... And let your imagination fly!

Textiles with bird motifs ... And let your imagination fly!

The incombustible flowers (especially those of 'XXL' size are the last), the classics and sober cadres and even the exuberant and daring animal print are trend prints, as are the motives of birds, that they wear the house with a touchvery natural and imaginative.We are going to focus on the fabrics with these beautiful winged beings that inspire some settings full of style and personality.Foresty landscapes, the field or tropical scenes are a source of inspiration and sneak into our house full of birds to give away a captivating touch.

In the bedroom of the image, the covers of the pillows with birds are an alhambra linen and in particular we see some macaws in flight.

Textiles con motivos de aves… ¡Y deja volar tu imaginación!

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