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Summer Trends 2021: Five looks to go to the beach or the inspiration you need for this vacation

Summer Trends 2021: Five looks to go to the beach or the inspiration you need for this vacation

The time has come to take our basket, put a towel and throw ourselves directly to the beach.You have started or not the holidays, the beach and pool season is inaugurated and we have to think about the models with which we will enjoy the sun and water.When choosing a beach look (which has long ceased.However, there are styles to go down to the beach that are completely timeless and that are always a success.

The steamy dress, the shorts, the eighties shirt...All those styles with which we have lowered to the beach on more than one occasion are part of the trends of summer 2021 and, although you do not know how to combine the colors that are carried most, we are sure that you have a master in looks to go down to the beach.We, that we are super fans to go down to the beach to the latest fashion, we are clear what are the five looks that serve as inspiration this vacation.

Whether summer trends (of this in particular) or style combinations that are a success, these are the five looks (or the inspiration you need this vacation) with which to go down to the beach or go to the divine pool of thedeath.Choose the one you like the most (or with the most comfortable you feel), take your towel and prepare to see a sunset on the beach (or whatever is third).

Look to go to the beach: shirt and steamy dress

 Tendencias verano 2021: Cinco looks para ir a la playa o la inspiración que necesitas para estas vacaciones

It is worth this type of dresses in a trend we want to reserve them for more special occasions than to go down to La Plata, but is there really a better occasion than to go down to the beach to mark this look?Complete the beach outfit with two of the most in this summer in this summer: some mule sandals and any complement in raffia (hat and basket, obviously).

Look to go to the beach: a crop top and shorts

They are the real revolution in summer trends 2021 and we have no choice but to love or hate them.The Crop Top have taken over the street styley, as expected, from the street they go to the beach so that we combine them with our best shorts.Bet on some high size (whether cowboy or linen) and the outfotcon completes a super novelty bandana.A look to go to the very festive beach that you can show off at the beach bar.

Look to go to the beach: a long shirt or a mini dress

We all remember when we were little and took us to the beach with our best swimsuit and a shirt on top and we are sure that now that we are adults, many more than once you have used some shirt that is a little big to go to theBeach or pool.Well, this summer is the time to return to that novelty trend and mark a super comfortable look and with a rollazo to go to the beach (or the pool).It's time to bet on Instagram's Memes T -shirts.

Look to go to the beach: a swimsuit with shorts

A basic with which always hit to go to beach, and more this summer, that the swimsuits are the most top -tile and their designs are absolutely irresistible.Bet on jeans with worn effect and a swimsuit with asymmetric and striking neckline, like this one from Zara.

Look to go to the beach: a kimono

We have said that this Vrano Kimonos are our best allies when looking for the glamor that Blazer leaves us and to which, in theory, we have to give up for the temperature rise.Ok, we don't have blazers and it would be ridiculous to go to the beach with one, but we have the kimonos and seem ideal to wear on the swimsuit and complemented with a raffia hat.To be fashionable, we can leave the Kimonos of original prints for a night look and bet on a crochet, the total trend of this summer 2021..