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Snapchat wants to become your clothing tester

Snapchat wants to become your clothing tester

In the race for being the most advanced social network of the moment, the company Snap Inc., owner of the Snapchat social network, a series of novelties announced last Thursday in its partner.Instagram competition and Tiktok is growing, so Snapchat has decided to launch new tools related to augmented reality (RA).

Some of them have to do with fashion and beauty.In April, Snapchat launched Screenshop (which Kim Kardashian had already presented in 2017), a function by which you can scan clothes and, based on this, obtain recommendations from similar garments, as if it were a music app.Screenshop will now be incorporated into Snapchat's home screen.

On the other hand, the Spectacles glasses, which the platform already marketed in Spain, take a qualitative leap and will now work with augmented reality.With them you can experience filters (which are called lenses or lenses here) both created in Lens Studio by the creators themselves (the way it can also be done on Instagram Stories) and offered by Snapchat itself.This will allow superimposed snaps about real life, which in practice, as far as fashion is concerned, can become a virtual tester.Is what is known as ra try-on.According to the company, about 5 are created every day.000 million Snaps worldwide.

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Snapchat quiere convertirse en tu probador de ropa

Farfetch, Prada or Piaget have been the first brands to test these new Snapchat utilities.Farfetch will offer an immersive experience using 3D Body Mesh and voice controls, through which users can choose platform garments to prove virtually.

In the beauty field, Snapchat has signed an agreement with Mac Cosmetics so that he can create his (Lense) filters by integrating his product catalog in them.The social networks have made in recent years the most coveted purchase platforms, and the development of augmented reality seems to consolidate this trend soon.

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