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Shaggy, bob or pixie: short hair styles that rejuvenate the most in 60-year-old women

Shaggy, bob or pixie: short hair styles that rejuvenate the most in 60-year-old women

Getting a rejuvenating look, no matter how old you are, is a matter of success when choosing both clothes, haircuts and hair color. And, of course, it is not about going as if we were 20 years younger, because that would cause the opposite effect. Rather, it is finding what favors us the most, especially as we get older and, luckily, we know how to get the most out of it.

From the age of 60, we should not give up, far from it, a rejuvenating haircut that favors our hair type and features. To find the necessary inspiration, we have selected the cuts of the top celebs, who have made birthdays their great style asset. The pixie with bangs, the long hair or the layered midi are some of the most attractive suggestions that we bring you here.

Midi length hair

This cut is one of our favorites at any age. It always favors and brings youth and style in equal parts. Not in vain is it one of the favorites of our French neighbors, and how Isabelle Huppert wears it is a clear example of how good it feels.

Long and curly hair

Shaggy, bob or pixie: hair styles short hair styles that are most rejuvenating for women over 60

Long hair is by no means a privilege of youth. Maintaining the length of hair that we like is a statement of intent that, in addition, is most flattering. And if your hair is curly, enjoy it naturally like Andie McDowell, who also recently gave us a great lesson by walking her iconic long hair and attractive gray hair down any red carpet.

Pixie with bangs

Sharon Stone decided long ago to wear a pixie with long bangs that gives her a lot of play when styling her hair, from polished looks to leaving it natural. She undoubtedly takes years off thanks to the movement offered by the cut, and she is the actress, she is an expert in getting the best out of it and always looking enviable.

Classic Bob

This is one of the cuts that is conquering more and more women of any age. And it is that this cut favors a lot and adds an elegance to the look like few cuts. That is why it is not surprising that VIPs like Isabel Preysler have cut their long hair and have gone on to this pristine bob that rejuvenates so much.

Long hair with bangs

Another sensational option to wear long hair, almost XL, when you have straight hair, is to copy Jane Seymour's, with bangs that look great on her. The actress knows how much he favors long hair, and that age is no reason to give up her long hair. Of course, it has been perfectly cared for and hydrated, because otherwise what it would do would be to add years to it.

A shaggy to gain volume

It is undeniable that hair becomes finer as we get older, and that sometimes our main objective is to maintain volume thanks to the haircut. To achieve it with style and obtaining a rejuvenating effect, the shaggy, with its paraded layers and bangs, is ideal. You just have to see how it suits the wonderful Jane Fonda.