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Ruanas, the most trendy warm shelter |Rosario3

Ruanas, the most trendy warm shelter |Rosario3

Undoubtedly the infallible item of this winter is the ruana: of the international catwalks direct and without a local fashion.

A typology known in our country for being a firstly aboriginal and then gaucho and country clothing, which reinvents itself and adapts to our daily dress with hundreds of different variants in terms of allexiles, prints and colors and colors.From a classic and combinable black to a strident tartan or Scottish.

Although they seemed to have been stored in the drawer of memories, this style is undoubtedly an indispensable 2018.The good news is that it reinvents itself, adding a much more chic air, with new colors, prints and genres.

Who does not fascinate the feeling that gives wrapping in a warm and soft wool ruana?It is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the cold is loved.The best thing is that they are already a trend and became an appropriate garment for any occasion.

Ruanas, el abrigo más trendy del invierno | Rosario3

Ruana or Poncho?

Poncho's sister, the main difference between these garments is that the first is a closed garment, it only has an opening to introduce the head.The Ruana, on the other hand, is open and sometimes has a longer side that allows it to wrap it around the neck.Other times it is symmetric and allows to roll both tips covering the shoulders.

Fashion tips

This garment is ideal to combine and to create a volume contrast and a very successful look.They are perfect for wearing during the weekend with informal costumes such as jeans, shoes, boots and flat shoes.Depending on color and material, they can easily combine with dress pants and beautiful shoes or boots with taco and assemble an outfit for a work day.You can also add accessories such as belts, which adds formality to the garment and helps define the silhouette.

As they are a cloth strip they have no size, so you can put it on your thickest coat and will not adjust you, and depending on the way you accommodate or knots, you will be able to achieve several different looks.They are also ideal for using as a scarf or chalina, and already in half a station they can make a light bag, for example, on top of a shirt.

Also for them!

For this winter, fashion for them arrives with wool and bright colors attire to face low temperatures.

For those fashionists who are not afraid to try this trend, there are several styles of ponchos and ruanas for both casual and elegant looks, allowing them to always be well dressed without going cold.

Will men encourage this fashion?