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Letizia takes clothes again from her mother -in -law

Letizia takes clothes again from her mother -in -law

G.Salgado / s.Rodríguez

As Mrs. Letizia sentenced in November 2003, sheathered in an immaculate white jacket suit signed by Armani and with her gleaming requested ring in her hand, tries to follow the "unique example of the queen".And in that example he not only talked about behavior, but also of style.

Over time, Letizia has proven to be a woman with refined taste.It is difficult, if not impossible, that today makes an error in dressing.It cost her her own, but the queen has found her style and today heads, year too, the best dressed lists.And, something more important, of the most elegant.Because the staunch followers of the pink press will remember that Doña Sofia never said that she was beautiful or attractive.The elegant adjective constantly accompanied her in her public appearances, both in acts of day and in the dinners of gala.

When Doña Letizia became queen, her mother -in -law gave her the royal jeweler, those unique and incalculable value that only sovereigns can use.And Letizia took shine, a lot.But it seems that Felipe VI's mother also gave freedom to her successor to borrow the dressing pieces.

This is not the first occasion, and surely it will not be the last one, in which the queen selects a good suit in the survey of the emeritus.This Monday, for the reception of the diplomatic corps in the Royal Palace, Letizia opted for a romantic Valentino set that his mother -in -law premiered in 1977, on a trip to Germany.It is a delicate gauze body curdled with embroidered flowers and an intense green -contained volume skirt to the hip.As is usual in Letizia, he modified the belt to adapt it to his style.To complete the styling, a simple ponytail that does not restore prominence either to the clothing or the matching slopes signed by Tous.

Letizia vuelve a coger ropa del vestidor de su suegra

Doña Letizia, with the three dresses that belonged to Mrs. Sofía and that she has been in charge of recovering.On the right, the one who has wore on Tuesday at the Royal Palace./ RC

At the beginning of last September, without going any further, Don Felipe and Mrs. Letizia opened the doors of the Royal Palace to offer a lunch in honor of the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, visiting Spain.And that's where the surprise jumped.

Doña Letizia appeared with a delicate pastel dress, with an embroidered body with flowers and armed skirt also with floral details.It was the first time I wore that model that, said by the way, sat him like a glove.Shortly after it transpired that it was created for Queen Sofia.Yes, Doña Letizia took out one of the models that once wore her mother -in -law again.In this case, for an official trip to Italy in the spring of 1981, just a few weeks after the 23-F coup d'etat that staggered democracy.

The dress has experienced the occasional modification with respect to its original appearance of four decades ago, and a fine silver leather belt has also been incorporated that further stylized the figure of Doña Letizia.

Previously, in January 2018, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Don Juan Carlos, Doña Letizia 'premiered' a metallic gray dress and laced around the neck that also left the closet of his mother -in -law.That year, for the delivery of the V Edition of the National Awards of the Fashion Industry, at the Madrid suit museum, Doña Letizia honored Mrs. Sofía rescuing a red dress with large swallowed sleeves of the 80s.

With what the queen is to recycle this part for a while it would not be surprising if they resorted to garments that crowned Mrs. Sofia as the most elegant woman in Spain for years.

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano,ModaTendencias