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Last day without VAT: these are the products that have and do not have a discount

Last day without VAT: these are the products that have and do not have a discount

In the midst of the commitment to economic reactivation, today marks the third and last day of the 2021 VAT Free Day, with which thousands of merchants hope to improve their income after the impact of the pandemic.

In order to take advantage of this discount on purchases, it must first be clear that it applies to products from different categories such as:

- Clothing: The sale price per unit must be equal to or less than $726,160, which includes footwear and accessories such as backpacks, briefcases, handbags, purses , glasses in general (for sunglasses and prescription), umbrellas, scarves and jewelry.

Important for the December date, in which Colombians generally buy clothes, this discount applies if you do not buy more than three garments of the same genre in a store, otherwise you lose the benefit. In other words, those who want to put together a change of clothes will have to buy the shirt, pants, and jacket in one store, while the stockings, shoes, and underwear in another, and thus avoid paying the 19% that corresponds to VAT. in both purchases.

- Home appliances: To make the discount valid, you can buy up to the maximum amount established is $2,904,640 televisions, speakers, tablets, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers appliances, stoves, washing and drying machines for the home, vacuum cleaners, electric food grinders, electrical appliances for preparing and preparing food, razors, ovens, irons and coffee makers, personal computers and communications equipment.

- Toys: As Christmas is still a few weeks away, and it is par excellence the time to buy toys and games, to make the discount valid, the purchase limit is $363,080 .

Last day without VAT: these are the products that have and do not have a discount

- School supplies: If you are thinking of making a smart purchase for 2022, you will be able to access the discount for the maximum purchase of $181,540.

- Sports items: If you plan to purchase these items, you can do so for a maximum value of $2,904,640.

- Inputs for agriculture: the maximum purchase amount is $2,904,640.

Daytime hours without VAT:

The time will start at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, December 3. In the virtual platforms of the companies, from that time you can buy without VAT. The discount will end at 11:59 p.m. of the day

In physical positions, it will go according to the hours that the store manages.

It is also recommended that people avoid crowds and can make their transactions virtually.

Did you know that in Colombia there are products that are always exempt from VAT

Keep in mind that you should never pay VAT when you make purchases of cell phones and tablets that do not exceed $798,776; electric skateboards of no more than $1,815,400; computers under $1,815,400; bicycles, skates and skateboards that do not exceed $1,815,400.

How to calculate the value of a product without VAT?

It's a simple formula. What you have to do is take the final price of the product (which already includes VAT) and divide it by 1.19. Thus, for example, if the product or total purchase is worth $181,540, which is the limit to buy school supplies, then its value on the day without VAT will be $155,000, saving approximately $26,500 on the purchase.

These are the products that will not have discounts during the third Day without VAT:

It is necessary to be clear that for this day the discounts only apply in six categories: clothing, electrical appliances, sports equipment, toys, school supplies and goods for the agricultural sector.

These are some products that do not have the discount: food from the family basket such as cereals, canned vegetables and legumes, oils, soft drinks, dairy products and cold meats, cleaning products, beauty items, personal care, furniture, dining room and decorative items.

Likewise, household utensils such as: blankets, bedspreads, sheets, mattresses, pillows. Just like in pet products.

As it is the end of the year season, there will be no discounts on tourism services or air transportation either (these already have other types of discounts) Until December 31, 2021, suspended the collection of VAT on hotel and tourism services.

No VAT discount will be given on party items and Software.

Difficulties that merchants have had to take advantage of the Day without VAT:

According to the Antioquia newspaper El Colombiano, several merchants indicated that their logistics chain for the arrival of imported merchandise to Colombia has been affected due to the container crisis worldwide, as they point out that by this time They always invest in the purchase of Christmas trees and their suppliers announced that they will only receive them until December 18, that is, in practice they will have to be saved to market them in December 2022.

In addition, they pointed out that there are delays in the dispatch of items from China, since some companies in the Asian country have had restrictions in the supply of energy for which they have worked shorter hours, affecting the fulfillment of orders.


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