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Ideas to wear a dress and skirt in winter, and not freeze

Ideas to wear a dress and skirt in winter, and not freeze

fashion and beauty

That the cold is not an impediment to look elegant and leave the beautiful skirts and dresses you have in your closet. Check out these ideas to look elegant and sophisticated.

ByAlejandra Vera

-December 08, 2021 - 8:16 p.m.

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but the cold can limit us a bit when choosing what to wear. However, this should not be a reason to wear our most desired skirts or dresses. Today we bring a few ideas to wear in the coming days.

Knitted sweater and booties

One of the most beautiful ways to dress in the following winter months is to combine your favorite black skirt with a knitted sweater in a contrasting light and include a pair of ankle boots that are responsible for giving a flirty and fashionista touch to your entire look. .

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Winter outfits with skirts or dresses are perfect with this type of long boots, because they are ideal to cover you from the cold. Not only will they keep a large part of your legs warm, but if you combine it with a long coat you will get a very sophisticated look. Ideal to wear with skirt and dress.

sweater dress

Knitted dresses are also an excellent option to wear in the following winter days. They will give a very original touch to your outfit and will guarantee that your temperature stays as it should while you use it. You can combine it with boots, ankle boots or stilettos, depending on your taste.


long vest

If you are one of those girls who does not like to feel that so many layers of clothing get in the way, then the ideal thing for you is to wear a long vest. Whether you wear it with a skirt or a dress, the vest will be the perfect accessory to keep you warm while giving you freedom to move and lots of style.

knitted skirt

A classic look this season is knitted plaid skirts paired with a matching sweater. This is the perfect outfit especially if you are looking for a more discreet and very cute look. Stockings will be ideal allies for these days, so they can go in combination or contrast with the skirt.

Turtle neck

To stay warm and feel like you're wearing a comfortable and stylish blanket at all times, there's nothing like wearing turtleneck sweaters. This type of garment is perfect especially with long or short skirts, it depends on your preference. Small ankle boots will be an excellent option to combine.

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Long skirt

Do not be afraid to combine more than one type of maxi garment in a single outfit, the contrast you achieve will give your look a lot of sophistication. Try combining a long elegant pleated skirt with a pair of tall boots to look like a very refined woman. Also, they will go well with a turtleneck sweater.

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