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'How to combine': We answer all the most wanted style questions on Google

'How to combine': We answer all the most wanted style questions on Google

Google has the ability to predict your searches.That is why when you start writing in your search engine, many times it offers you the option of self -filing the phrase and most of the time, among the alternatives it offers you, hits you.It's what you wanted to look for.This is known as 'predictive of Google' and they get it thanks to its powerful engine, its years of experience and storage of data (it was born in 1998).Google is able to process more than 1000 million daily search requests.That is, you have all the tools to 'read your mind' and know before almost what you are looking for.Of course it is based on what they have sought in your language before you, many more people who have started writing the same words.

We are going to focus on those that start with a 'how to combine...', because this is like many (many Spanish) we start looking for our style doubts.At this time, if you test and write those two words in your search engine, Google will offer you several different options.It is literally in order, what people write the most behind 'how to combine..'.We have to admit that if we rely on this, we can almost reach the conclusion since the Spanish are not very searching, since the first two searches are direct and very generic.Then the thing is specified in several garments that generate concern, and that despite being very basic, they certainly centralize the greatest style doubts that are formulated in the Google search engine.

Diana Villar

1st question: How to combine clothes?

As generic as this answer is complicated, the truth.Combining clothes is not something that can be established as absolute truth, since, as fashion professionals always insist, to teach to dress better it is necessary to know things about the person.His tastes, his body shape, his skin tone, his style and especially how to carry garments and accessories that he already has so that he does not suppose too much money.

The first thing that Shopper staff, stylists and image advisors are an interview in which they already establish connections, do color to succeed with tones, and analyze the body shape to know what to enhance for a perfect result.One of the fundamental parts is the color study, to know if you are a winter skin tone, spring, summer or autumn, which is how the different tones that exist are established.From here, the second question.

'Cómo combinar': respondemos a todas las preguntas de estilo más buscadas en Google

2nd question: How to combine colors?

Diana Villar

It is one of the biggest searches on Google, which always generate curiosity.And although, we insist, there is no exact rule but many small variations according to each person, what if there is a system called 'complementary colors'.

The complementary colors are those that, despite not being together in the color wheel, are the ones that fit the best.In fact it is usually the opposite, the tones that best ado.For that reason yellow and purple, green and red are a klein and orange success and orange.

3rd Question: How to combine ankle boots?


Another great very generic question for these days when the cold seems to be installed already on the street and in our cabinets.The ankle boots are really one of the great purchases for autumn winter, because you can wear them with pants of all kinds, with long dresses, midi and short and skirts of all long and designs.

Another question would be, what booty is better with what garment.And then you will have to know that the ankle booties favor with a skirt or dress, the half cane with pants, and jeans or midi dresses, and the heel booties always work with any garment that you wear.

4th question: How to combine white pants?

White pants have always been, they are and will be among the most wanted in both stores and Google.And see that, a priori, a color as neutral as white has a simple answer: with everything.But we believe that it is more a trend search, 'how to combine this season'.

And then if we can say that this season the white pants combine with tall white neck jerseys for a total look, with satin blouses in brown, green and blue colors and of course with gray and black for basic and classic looks with which we succeedsure.

5th Question: How to combine a red dress?

Christian Vierig

The answer to how to combine a red dress?It is unanimous.And it's not what you expect, may be: with black.No.And maybe we could say that with Rosa.But no, in 2019 and 2020 the red dress is combined with camel and beige.And the truth is that it is a winning combination and that we love.

6th question: How to combine jeans?

Diana Villar

A new question that of generic pure amazes us.Because a cowboy is the closet garment.The one that you put with everything, from the basic garments such as t -shirts, to the most sophisticated brightness, lace and sequins.

If what we mean is how to combine jeans this season?The answer is: cowboy with loop in loop.Vaquero and Top Shirt or Top Pants looks is a success, and with them the cowboy, kimonos, American and everything in the timeless tissue per antonomasia.

7th question: How to combine black pants?

Black pants is the resource when you don't know what to wear or when you want to go well without complicating you.But every season the way of carrying it is modified.This season, the black pants is combined with American with a belt, fine jerseys with bulky shoulder manga, with rooster leg jackets and if the look is night.

8th question: How to combine green pants?

Getty Images

Green pants are always one of the great unknowns in a matter of style.How to combine green pants this season has many answers, but the fundamental one in which fashion experts coincide is: with boots above the pants, and short or American jersey.

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