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How to combine fashion pastel colors in 2021

How to combine fashion pastel colors in 2021

Past colors are often associated with summer, since they are light tones that provide light and softness to any 'look'.Their ease of combining with white and other light colors make them a perfect tone to create 'joyful and fun' outfits'.But that does not mean that they are not tones suitable for autumn and winter.In fact, multicolored knit sweaters and cardigans are fashionable and lights, green and light yellow.It is this duality and ease to be combined with darker garments makes it easy to transition these summer garments into autumn.According to the experts of the 'Street Style' in dressing well, this autumn-winter season there are several ways to introduce these tones in our closet.As we said, the point is the most recurring and cardigans with jewel buttons are a very good option.Then there are hair coats, which are also dyed in colors, and then there are accessories such as bags, 'bucket' or booties.Do you still have doubts about whether they go with your style when dressing?We leave you here some of our favorite 'looks with pastel colors and the key garments to adopt them.

What are the key pastel colors for autumn?

The gum pink or cotton of sugar, the violet or its cousin el marshmallow, baby blue, mandarin orange, honey yellow and mint green are some of the chromatic formulas that we see about the silhouettes of the most relevant 'fashion insiders' of the world.We had already seen it on the catwalks of the great fashion weeks that warn us of future trends.Alberta Ferretti or Boss collections were dyed with mint green or baby blue, while Chanel, Isabel Marant or Giambattista Valli opted for the sweetest pastel pink.

Cómo combinar los colores pastel de moda en 2021

But if you really want to get off the catwalk to your closet these colors, you must pay you a direct ticket to northern Europe, where its ‘it girls’ control the shades better than in any other area of the planet.Jeanette Madsen, Emili Sindlev or Caro Daur and his incredible mastery of the overlap, will give you the skill you need to mix them as a true impressionist.Their ability to create 'lookazos' with tones as disparate as Elvioleta with yellow or pink with orange catapults them directly to the podium of the best dressed with this trend.In addition, they are going to be your best teachers when it comes to removing all the ‘ñoñería’ from which many accuse of pastel tones, their ‘outfits’ are perfectly studied to mix the childhood and sexy part of these colors like these colors.

We propose a very sweet menu enough in the pink cotton of sugar, the caramel orange, the mint green, strawberry or blue roughness so that you decide the order for which you want to eat it.Do not worry about the price, we have found purchases for less than 50 euros in all the tones that seem like you.Are you ready to give you a good binge?

How to wear pastel colors with a lot of style