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Five irresistible berets to get that 'Je ne Sais quoi' of the French girls

Five irresistible berets to get that 'Je ne Sais quoi' of the French girls

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El estilo de las francesas es imitado en todo el mundo, esos looks estudiados desenfadados obsesionan desde hace años a las amantes de la moda de todo el mundo.The keys are undoubted.

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And if there is an accessory that represents this mantra it is undoubtedly the beret.An icon already of French fashion that, although they were already present last season thanks to Emily in Paris's boom, this year he returns strong.That is why we have signed several very appetizing models to give a French touch to our winter styles:

With the classic silhouette of the berets and in the fashion color, the green, we sign this model in wool mix.A colorist proposal that we can use to give a happy touch to more turned off (typical of the cold) or directly combine with other uploaded shades for a more daring styling.

If the color does not convince you, it is available on Amazon in a wide variety of tones, ranging from mustard to pink, going through Malva.We have it available from 15.99 euros (the price can vary depending on the color we choose).

Cinco boinas irresistibles para conseguir ese 'je ne sais quoi' de las chicas francesas

ZLYC French classic artist of women Bina Hat

PVP en Amazon 15,99€

But if you feel like betting on an elegant and subtle print, this purse beret with rhombuses in pastel pink and beige tones is a good option.The choice of color is subtle but cheerful and will easily combine with brown tones, very appropriate in autumn or even white and gray.

In addition, it is a reversible model that has a geometric print in which the broken white predominates around.So we have two models at the price of one, specifically for 16.99 euros.

ZLYC Winter French style classic Bina Bina for women

PVP en Amazon 16,99€

More original is this model with one half in beige and the other half with geometric print in mustard.A design made of a mixture of tissues that promises to be soft and warm.

In addition, it is also reversible, being smooth inside but block color style.We can combine it almost with any garment but it will undoubtedly stand out with camel or brown tones.It is available on Amazon for 16.99 euros (although the price can vary if we choose any other available color).

ZLYC Winter French style classic bina hat

PVP en Amazon 16,99€

For styles in black or gray tones, this geometric printing beret can be the perfect accessory.A vintage style model manufactured in a mixture of wool that by its rounded shape allows it to be carried with style both to the side and in front.

We can also find it available in other colors and prints (including animal print) but we are left with the neutrality of this model for 19.99 euros, also choose another color can slightly upload the price.

Debaijia female Women's Women's Women's Women's Women

PVP en Amazon 19,99€

Finally, as if it were an Ochos sweater, we have this thick wool beret with cable point.A more informal option that we can combine with our favorite jeans, the most warm cloth coat and a good pair of UGG boots.

We have it available in this versatile tile color and in a large number of more shades, from only 16.99 euros (taking into account that the price can vary depending on our choice).

Zlyc Winter Wool Bina For Women

PVP en Amazon 16,99€

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