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Easy beach hairstyles inspired by 10 girls living in bikini

Easy beach hairstyles inspired by 10 girls living in bikini

An ideal vacation day for most is to spend at least half of its 24 hours on the beach.And although almost all the consequences of the summer days are welcome, such as the tan or a more toned body if you dare to swim every time you enter the water, the hair usually takes the worst part.The reason is that it gets tangled easily and the salt and the wind spoils it.But this is going to be the summer in which you are going to boast a spectacular mane, because the supermodels that spend more time in bikini inspire 10 easy hairstyles with which to achieve it.

The ponytail 'Messy'a Alessandra Ambrosio likes to go to the beach that has created a bathroom brand.For the top, a simple ponytail in the crown becomes the best hairstyle to accompany its designs, an ideal height so that it does not bother you when lying down in the towel.As a advice, try to use a gomilla that does not break hair like invisibobble (€ 5.55).

With bun and scarf Candice Swanepoel Choose the ideal look for those who carry dyed hair and do not want the salt or sun to spoil the color.Collect all the hair on a tall bun and then rolle a handkerchief around.As a final advice, mimic the South African and make sure that some of the tones of the garment combine with that of your bikini.

The windings of the summer accessories that already triumphed last year continue of maximum trend even during the beach season.Place several forks to one or both sides of the head and experience with different designs every time you put them. Puedes encontrarlas en tiendas como Zara o H&M.

Wild hair to get beautiful curls when leaving the water, wave sprays like Miracle Beach Waves de Aussie (€ 6.99) will be your best allies.Vaporize the product every time you lie down again in the towel and, if you want.

Peinados fáciles de playa inspirados en 10 chicas que viven en bikini

Boil under carrying a collected at the back of the neck allows you to wear the back of your most spectacular swimsuits.If you have discolored hair like the Swedish Top Elsa Hosk, do not forget to apply a color protector, such as Phytoplage Velo Protector of Phyto (€ 17), or rinse your head well when you get home to eliminate any rest of salt orsand.

With turbanteel look definitive for those who do not want.Chrissy Teigen demonstrates how to take the turban to the beach with a lot of style, and also that this accessory can become the best option to keep your face totally clear during wind days.

'Wet Hair'el Look more flattering and easy to get on a beach day has to be the' wet hair 'effect.Imitate Sara Sampaio and combing back to brown your face in a homogeneous way.Another advice?Always carry a brush inside the capo to unravel your hair every time you get out of the water.

With a hat and loose hair, dermatologists recommend carrying this type of accessories on the beach to protect your face and hair from the harmful effects of the sun.Apart from the great favor you are going to do to your health, hats can also become the protagonists of the most likes publications of your social networks.

With a natural wave and the line aside, did you know that a gesture as simple as changing the site line gets an extra volume in the hair instantly?Do like Canadian Kate Bock and increases the body that the curls get by combing your hair to the side.As a final touch, a moisturizing serum applies in the tips zone to prevent them from dehydrating.A good option is the original Moroccanoil treatment (€ 14.10) in mini format to take it everywhere.

Classical or Espigano braid imports the type of braided you choose, this hairsty...and get a beautiful way when you get rid of it when you get home.Before picking up your hair, apply a conditioning spray like Mad About Waves from BC Schwarzkopf (€ 8.99), whose formula promises to soften and hydrate the hair at the same time as it enhances the curvature of the waves.

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