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Color combinations that you didn't know were so good

Color combinations that you didn't know were so good

We teach you to combine fashion colors in a creative, different and very stylish way.Take note!

Taking into account that the tone 'Vray period' is the star color of the season according to Pantone, that red passion is the only one capable of 'raising the handsome' in a matter of seconds and that green (in many of its shades) is100% trend of the season..Knowing how to combine them becomes a fashion imperative if we want to escape the monotony of monochrome looks in gray, brown and dark tones.


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How to combine colors in clothing

Combinaciones de color que no sabías que quedaban TAN bien

We know that once we establish a comfort zone, we only transfer it when there is no choice but.That is, we already know that black and white together are the star bicolor, or that navy blue and red help create a marine aesthetic of the most favoring;And that neutral colors combined with each other have no rival that is resist...But we also have to learn to get out of our little comfortable corner to learn to combine colors that, who knows, perhaps we need them in our styling and do not know how to take them correctly.Learn to combine colors as a true fashion expert.


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The importance of the color wheel

It seems nonsense, but color theory is effective and it is not necessary to be an expert to have basic notions.In fact, it is that simple: all the colors that are directly faced in it tend to combine perfectly.Therefore, the colors that we encourage you to combine in your clothes are:

Pink and red and redverde and red -hazoran and mustazanoanja and blue

Yes, as you read it.So if you don't know where to cover this situation, we encourage you to climb to our gallery to discover how to do it and see how girls do it more style of fashion capitals.Combine, risk...and win!