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Chairs and armchairs that you can use inside and out of home

Chairs and armchairs that you can use inside and out of home

Comedor con mesa redonda y sillas en azul

So you can expand the meeting, combine styles or mix.These 10 chairs will serve you both inside and away.In interior decoration, the limits blur on many occasions.And it is what happens with these decorative and versatile designs that they decorate an interior dining room as an exterior one, complete the area of the being outdoors or customize a corner of a bedroom or hall.The best thing is that you can have them inside the house and take them out when you need it or vice versa!

Limits outside thanks to materials

Most of the chairs you are going to see in this gallery are versatile thanks to their finish.The material causes you to wear a chair inside or outside. En este sentido, también te daremos algunas claves para que sepas si la silla que te gusta es in & out.In this dining room, decorated by The Room Studio studio -like the living room that opens the report -, the wicker chairs dyed in deep blue contribute character to a natural wood space and neutral tones.Natural fibers such as wicker or rattan are perfect for decorating spaces inside and away.They are from the materials that best fit in this regard.While you should know that the best thing is that outdoors are protected from the direct sun and rain under a roof, whether porch or terrace.

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Dormitorio con sillón de mimbre en color blanco

Chair or armchair ... But with arms!

The seats with armchair -type arms, but of small dimensions - what makes them closer to the conception of chair - provide an extra comfort to lengthen evening.The arms rest allow the support of the elbows when they are not on a dining table.You should always keep in mind that arms are more bulky and you should analyze their design and shape with respect to the type of table, if these are around one;to make sure that they "enter" under the envelope.To decorate any corner, as the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta has done in the bedroom, they are ideal because the Sillcitos dress more.

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Silla de madera y cuerda en una zona de trabajo

From study to the terrace

And so you will have one more chair to place next to the table.You may also have a small exterior and do not want to saturate it.It is a good idea to have chairs inside you that you can get when you need.This Kave Home design is eucalyptus wood, an exterior suitable material.It is quite resistant and where you will provide warmth.The best thing about wooden furniture is that varnish or water paint can be sanded and bounded.In this case, this chair is one of the most decorative thanks to its rounded design that is completed with a braided rope seat.This material is a trend in exterior furniture.

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Terraza con comedor al aire libre

As in the house dining room

Sillas y sillones que puedes usar dentro y fuera de casa

This terrace projected by the Knowhaus study has an elegant solid wooden table with a metallic central foot and braided woven chairs with seat and backrest and metal legs.This design is modern and comfortable, in addition to elegant;What makes it suitable for those looking for a careful design inside home.In this case, it must be taken into account that the outer terrace is roofed with what the materials are protected from the direct sun (which especially wears the colors and kills its brightness) and of the rain, since there are materials that absorb water and thismakes fibers end up rotting.It is important that the tissues are specific for exterior.

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Comedor con mesa de madera redonda y sillas en color topo

The chairs that resist everything

In this selection of the 10 most decorative and versatile chairs to decorate inside and out of home a design like this could not miss. Las sillas "de plástico" también han depurado sus diseños para que puedan lucir in & out.But it is convenient to specify that although there are talk of plastic chairs in reality there are derived synthetic materials that, in addition to a careful line, provide a variety of colors and nuances in terms of very interesting brightness.PVC or resistant polypropylene spots and can be cleaned without fear of spoiling a upholstery.And they can get wet.Only with some fibers and synthetic resins you must be careful with the sun so that they do not discolor.That is why it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions.

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Comedor exterior con mesa redonda y dos sillas

Where are you going to put it?

Between chair and armchair, this Kave Home model has acacia wood legs and the body in polyester tissue.This acrylic coated material is resistant to discoloration and wrinkles.Keep in mind that any textile, also used in backups and seats, is convenient to be suitable for outdoor spaces.Vinyl fabrics are also flexible and durable, resistant to the sun, water and fungi.And acrylics, resistant to moisture, soft and breathable.A design of this Topo fits an outside and interior zone, also in the dining room and in a corner of a bedroom as a barefoot.

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Cocina con barra y taburetes

Natural fiber seems, synthetic is

Another of the great advances of exterior materials has allowed to create fibers that although synthetic resemble natural.Thus it is possible to enjoy wicker or wicker resistant ropes that are not rotted or darkened.And this type of materials has the advantages of synthetic materials although it is natural.We like braided, interwoven and other finishes that mimic fibers.Thus you can wear a stool like that of this kitchen outside next to a high bar table, which is suitable for small terraces.

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Comedor con mesa redonda en madera y sillas en color negro

Black chairs, elegance where they look

These chairs are perfect in an inner dining room.Black is elegant and combined with other shades that contribute light, you will have a timeless atmosphere.Does black fear abroad?We may always think about colorful terraces or light tones, but black is appropriate.Ultra modern outdoor is used a lot, along with or instead of white.But also in Boho character, to put a note.Take these chairs out when you need it and balances its hue with beis and brushstrokes of any color, either in a vivid and intense version like in the stockings or off.

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Terraza con mesa rectangular y sillas de exterior

A wink to the traditional chair

The Ponti outdoor furniture firm offers a review of the traditional chair with an aluminum structure and a rope braided available in multiple colors.It is a hand -made design, handmade;Available in chair or armchair with arms.Have four inside and four outside and with an extensible table converts any dining room into one for eight.

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Terraza decorada con sillón Acapulco

Iconic chairs that never fail

Chairs or armchairs.There are pieces that never fail inside or away, to create a charming terrace, such as the Acapulco armchair or the Butefly chair.The latter, if inside it usually appears in leather or skin;Outside it is preferable to opt for tissues such as cotton.You will find designs that use this barrel material, very appropriate for any space, with the advantage that it can be washed since this chair model is easily unscathed.In the case of the Acapulco armchair (which appears on this terrace to complete a corner sofa) it is made with PVC fibers and steel structure coated with baked electrostatic paint.

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