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8 looks to go to the office, the coldest winter -proof

8 looks to go to the office, the coldest winter -proof

Winter is here...
No te preocupes. Los pantalones de vestir y las delgadas camisas de algodón no te atormentarán esta temporada.

Por Eduardo Limón8 looks para ir a la oficina, a prueba del invierno más frío 8 looks para ir a la oficina, a prueba del invierno más frío

Office clothes are not usually the most cool or exciting for winter.You know what we are talking about.A cold and confilled with dress pants on your legs than more than helping, it seems that its mission is to freeze even more.Formal shirts that do not cover you absolutely nothing.Obviously, clothing codes in our offices do not help too much;There are quite a few rules that we cannot break no matter how much we want.

However, we have several options in order not to succumb to low temperatures.Especially, if we pay attention to the Layering precepts.As a base rule for everything we are about to use, while the thermostat marks the smallest possible figures, we always omit the tight cuts and opt for straight silhouettes or, at least, a little more regular.Seeing us elegant and feeling 100 % comfortable has nothing to do with tight garments;which, in fact, do not help to warm up.

For you, eight looks that you should try with your office clothes for these cold mornings and winter nights.

I match patterns

8 looks para ir a la oficina, a prueba del invierno más frío

As we already told you, putting into practice the layering is basic.For this occasion, do it by joining two patterns or graphics that contribute a lot of personality.For example, a checkered blazer can go perfect with a sweater of geometric figures, as long as we keep everything in balance with a smooth wool coat and solid color pants.Do not forget to add fun with your socks.

Blazer and High Neck

If your DressCode allows it to use a high neck (of technical fabric if possible) and a wool blazer or some other fabric that provides volume.For a Friday you can use Chinese or jeans, but for any other day you have the classic save pants option.Take into account that your footwear also matters;then the more closed, the better.Monk style can be your great alternative.

Businessman of the 80s

A classic that never fails is to take your essential black suit, white shirt, black tie and Oxford or Derby shoes, to add a double button wool coat;Also in black.

Stylish Black

In a modernized version of the previous look you can opt for a medium long black coat, also known as sailor, and add some color element.Your work bag or briefcase can go in honey color to achieve a generous but sophisticated contrast.


Generally, the pictures are made of heavier fabrics and warmer colors, which helps to better survival in the weather.Choose one of three pieces so you can remove and put your bag as many times as necessary during the day, without having to sacrifice your mobility either.


okay.Are you really cold?Put your most cool suit, take precautions with your underwear, wear your warmer coat and ... add a woven vest under your bag.Maximum and very trend with the Knit fascination for the 2020s.

Innovation in colors and contrasts

Being sincere, you should almost have a specific wardrobe for winter.Five coats, seven basic costumes, dozens of shirts and a lot, a lot of thermal underwear.However, that does not happen;And when we must combine so much clothes to not die of cold, but keep seeing us well, the look is a challenge of creativity.Therefore, in winter more than ever you should send to the demon all those grandfather rules that continue invading the air.For example: do not combine black with brown tones.You can wear shirt and coffee pants, belt and black boots, and a warm shelter with ocher details.What is the problem?

Hats?Of course

It is clear that you are not going to get to your office with a baseball cap or a fabric hat.For that there are formal hats.Give them an opportunity;From the sophisticated paperboy to the trilby.When carrying it, don't forget the rules to dress your office in this cold season.Try the classic outfits that appear on the sides of this image and welcome a timeless style Gentleman.