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5 perfect combinations for your black polo shirt

5 perfect combinations for your black polo shirt

Combine it with all a basic of your wardrobe is so versatile that you can take it on an office day or to a meeting, without any problem.

By Eduardo Limón

The polo shirt is a basic and timeless element in the wardrobe of any man.It combines the casual style with an elegant and orderly look;neat, definitive.You can easily dress for any occasion while still being very comfortable.However, the pole deserves a little more love than it usually receives;For a long time it was a garment relegated to the closet, but today it recovers its power.Especially if we adhere to the trend of the 70s.Halfway between a shirt and a dress shirt, this is the perfect garment for many daily life events.

A polo shirt is always fresh and breathable;so easy and comfortable to wear as a shirt, but with the great advantage of being more elaborate than other garments.Even if it is in black.In fact, you have this garment in that tone means that you can combine it even better in endless situations.

Pole shirt evolution

It was in the nineteenth century when the British soldiers adopted the sport of the pole of the local population in India and took him back to England after his service period.Once this sport returned to the United Kingdom, its practice quickly associated with the upper class and British royalty.Then, its official uniform consisted of a long -sleeved shirt, fuckpur pants and long boots to ride a horse.However, players at that time fooked the neck of the shirt with pins or buttons to prevent them from moving and hindering during the game.

5 combinaciones perfectas para tu camisa polo negra

Later, during a visit to the United Kingdom, John and.Brooks-one of the Brooks Brothers-noticed this fashion trend and took it to the United States, giving rise to the first original Button-Down Polo Shirt.

After this great impact on the American market, Jean René Lacoste decided at the beginning of the 20th century to revolutionize this garment that the tennis players - just like Polo players - used.He decided to design his own short manga shirt and three buttons, made of spirable piqué cotton.A model that marked the comfort and freedom of movement that was sought so much in the new male wardrobe.

Finally, that step managed to make international fame figures adopt as a symbol of style, sophistication and comfort.

What are the polo shirts made

The original is made of heavy and thick cotton;However, today we can find three fundamental variations and each with specific advantages.

Pole shirt tips

How should a polo shirt be

In general, it should be stuck to the body, adjusted but not too much strap.It can be a little more tight in the chest and arms, and then leaving with more slack towards the waist.The better you are, the more tight your pole can be;However, you will not want you to be very tight.Remember that you should be able to put a couple of fingers in the sleeves;otherwise, change to the following size.

How to combine a black polo shirt

With military green pants (Chinese) that are going well in formal and informal events.

With sports pants in blue.Sobriety and a comfortable look.Even better if you combine it with a blue sack to see you younger.

With a robe or parka to achieve a relaxed warm attire.

With tailor cafe - although they have told you that this match is impossible -.

With tailor pants and checked coat for your winter looks.

Like overlap for a high neck sweater.To the purest gen-z.