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5 makeup looks for Pride Day, with Berta Vázquez

5 makeup looks for Pride Day, with Berta Vázquez

Since Berta Vázquez (Ukraine, 1992) arrived at the Madrid studio where we did this photo session until she left once the 'shooting' was finished, the actress never ceases to transmit good words and energy Positive to the whole team. She likes the clothes that the stylist has selected for her, the concept of the photos and the makeup, which is done by Nyx Professional Make Up, the brand that has just signed her as an ambassador (and without whose candy-smelling primer she doesn't We can live). "Apart from the fact that I love their products, what made me want to work with Nyx is their philosophy. It seems very important to me that they bet on vegan formulas and that they do not endanger the environment," Berta tells us about her alliance with this firm. cosmetics that also advocates for diversity and empowerment.

And for Berta, these concepts are also very important. "I think we have been aware for some time that our way of consuming had to align in a healthier way with the planet. Regarding empowerment, it is a fight that will stop being a fight to be normal but, in the meantime, what great "Brands give a voice to this cause is also a key element in the change. We need to give visibility to everything that needs to improve in our society," says the actress.

Berta is embarking on two professional projects that are going to cause a lot to talk about: the series 'Welcome to Eden', which will soon be released on Netflix, and her first album as a singer. While we wait for the premiere of both works, we have not been able to miss the opportunity to choose with her the 'looks' that we will wear on June 28, LGTBI Pride Day. The protagonists of our makeup will be the glitter, the rainbow designs and lots of color. If you also want to risk (and win) with these proposals, don't miss the advice of makeup artist Patrizio Niccolai to recreate them step by step. You will be the queen of Pride... and of Instagram!

Two-tone lips

5 makeup looks for Valentine's Day Pride, with Berta Vázquez

The difficulty with this look is getting the two shades to blend together. The expert tells you how to avoid it: "Opt for ultra-durable lipsticks. And for a gradient effect on the bottom lip, apply a little red on the inside. Let it dry for five seconds and you're done."

Antonio Terrón

The new 'smokey eye'

"To achieve this flattering effect, use a slightly pearly eyelid primer. Then, apply a lighter purple shadow on the tear duct and intensify the tone as you get closer to the other extreme. If you mark the eye socket well, you will get a more open and elongated look, "says the makeup artist.

Antonio Terrón

"I use makeup as another way to express my mood"

Rainbow: the most 'wow' touch

With this idea you will be the queen of the party. "To create a rainbow on your lips, use eye pencils, which will help you make the lines. Then, add a touch of shine," says Patrizio. And if you're going to drink something, don't forget to ask for a straw so you don't have a beauty drama.

Antonio Terrón

"Soon I will release two projects: the series 'Welcome to Eden', on Netflix, and my first music album"

A 'rainbow' look

To leave everyone speechless, follow the steps that makeup artist Patrizio Niccolai has given to create a rainbow in Berta's first look. "Use colored eyeliners to mark the drawing on the eyelid. Then, apply the shadows with the same tones and blend them. The final trick? Also paint the lower lashes with the eyeliners", explains the expert, who has used a lipstick to blush mode. We love multi-use products.

Antonio Terrón

"I celebrate 'Gay Pride' every day. I do it with my way of thinking, acting and understanding the world."

With a brushstroke

You can recreate this make-up in a few minutes and, furthermore, yellow always looks good. "Simply apply the shadow with a brush and then use a mascara. You can leave the skin very natural, with a little primer and nothing else," explains the expert.

Antonio Terron