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10 rules to dress well that every man must continue

10 rules to dress well that every man must continue

Style Tipsste is the final manual to see you well with whatever you use, from a suit to jeans.

By Paloma González

Dressing well is an art form that not everyone dominates, although everyone has the potential with a few timeless rules and tips that never go out of style.

It is real that there are too many rules in the world and some have already become obsolete, but there are others that are really useful and can save you problems and sufferings of all kinds.When it comes to dressing well, everything can be a matter of opinion and personal tastes (some do not like the color blue or use the pole shirt outside the pants), but, beyond the tastes, there are some basic elements that canMake any look, from the formal to the casual, look perfect.

Think about this, when you go for your childhood photos, are there looks of those who regret?Probably yes, and that is due in large part to choose your clothes depended in part of your parents and you really didn't care how well your butt looked with those pants, you just wanted to be comfortable and have fun, and that's why you have (you have (We all have) a few photos that you would like to hide and with looks that you would not dare to use now in public.

In fashion, there are things that work for some that for others are disastrous, so the rules that really matter are a bit more abstract and have to do with details that favor everyone equally.The best part is that they are rather suggestions and you really do not have to follow them if you do not feel like it (because you are an adult and you won the right to put what you want, unless your office, event or appointment has a code ofclothing, in that case you have to adapt).

Good advice, even if they sound obvious, do not go out of style and nobody is in a position to reject them, especially if you are interested in going well dressed

10 reglas para vestir bien que todo hombre debe seguir

The rules to dress well:

Use the suit well (buy, not rents)

Yes, men look very good in suit, but the key to achieving it is to find the right fit, which is not too short, long or tight.You must pay attention to the shoulder cut, the length of the sleeves and pants, and you must be able to move your arms comfortably without having to take off the bag.

Classic costumes work better because you can use them for a long time, a long time without being outdated or old.And the costumes not only go with a shirt.

Invest on a good watch, intelligence

You do not need to spend thousands of pesos on a clock, but you need to invest a little more to have a good piece.Remember that if what you want is a resistant, classic, lasting and elegant piece, then you have to pay a little more.In the long run, that investment will be worth it, especially when you have been with the same clock for 20 years and continue to see very cool.

Don't be afraid of color

There is nothing wrong with using black from head to toe, but the color can really make your looks stand out.Either in casual or formal looks, color can be an interesting element.In the case of costumes, green, wine and blue too

Use your jeans until they are noticed that they are yours

A certain degree of wear makes your jeans feel more comfortable and fit the shape of your body, so the best thing you can do is buy a good quality and use it until the denim is softened a little and startTake your shape.Wear gives them character.

With shirts, go for the classics

Do you want your shirts to last longer and look good regardless of the season?Then go for classic colors and patterns, they always work and you can combine them with everything.You just have to take care that you are well from everywhere and that the buttons are not pulled.

In shoes, pay for quality

Shoes are of all prices, but, if you want quality, durability and good style, then you have to pay a little more.Choose simple and elegant designs and colors, these are the ones you can use a lifetime.

With tennis, the beginning is the same, the best are more expensive, but here you can play with colors and styles.In the end, the most cool models become collection pieces.

Take care of the amount and type of accessories

With the accessories, quality is always better than amount, you do not need to have all the fingers full of rings, put 3 chains, a handkerchief, glasses, a hat, brooches and more.It is better to opt for minimalism and choose only a few pieces that complement your look, and do not necessarily have to be the same color as your clothes, although they must create a good combination.

Follow your own style, not trends

The best dresses always have something in common, they put on what they like, what works for them and makes them feel good, instead of wanting to look like the mannequin of the season.You can incorporate trends, but in a subtle way that corresponds to your personal style.

Dress for the occasion

One of the worst mistakes when dressing is to wear wrong clothes for the occasion, you can't go on pants and sweatshirt to a wedding (unless they indicate it) and it doesn't make any sense to put your best suit to play a game soccer.

Choose versatile parts

If you want to see yourself well without spending too much, then you have to invest in pieces that you can combine in different shapes and that can be seen formal or casual depending on the rest of the pieces you use.


Learn to break the rules

Finally, fashion rules are only suggestions and there are times when breaking them can give you very good results, you should simply learn to read the occasion.